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DS Investment Group endeavors to be a strategic and long-term partner for major world banks. The company’s primary activities are aimed at purchasing and managing distressed assets. We have built up strong relations with top-level international collection agencies and understand the meaning of proper and ethical treatment of debtors.

Faster capital recovery through sale of your distressed assets by DSIG

You can recover you capital much faster than outsourcing assets through a conventional collection agency. Sale of distressed assets by DSIG allows improving your balance with a higher capital adequacy and liquidity ratio. It will enable reconstructing your balance list, concentrating on the core business and achieving objectives for a shorter period of time owing to the DSIG’s proven methodology.

Quick acquisition process

All the processes in DSIG are structured and automated allowing quick and efficient selling of acquisitions. On an as-needed basis, we continuously review and improve these processes. Extensive knowledge of our personnel and experience in the market of distressed assets enable us swiftly to process you project. Cooperation with us provides speedy resolution and early completion of the process.

Professional and experienced team

Years of experience of the team from leading financial companies of the world allow keeping control of thousands of acquisition processes.

Fair treatment of debtors

We cooperate only with leading and well known debt collection companies, which implement western practices and observe international laws.