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Why to invest in DS Investment Group

DSIG invests in portfolios of distressed assets. The company was incorporated in 2007 by the individuals who had successfully built the identical business. Upon incorporation, focus on investments in management of distressed assets in Europe, USA and Asia was and remains the key success factor. For sellers, portfolios of troubled credits are a queasy question, since it touches upon relations with clients. For portfolio sellers, it is important that the purchaser professionally and on an individual basis processes all the debtors conducting itself in an ethical and respectful manner. DSIG has long-term relations with its clients, which are built on trust. For us, as for the reliable purchaser, growing opportunities to purchase portfolios of distressed assets and maximal shareholder value are the key driver for ambitions. More severe requirements for capital adequacy, for example in the Eastern Europe, resulted from expensive keeping of distressed assets on balance-sheet accounts. Such tendency became an important growth factor for DS Investment Group.