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6 Eu Tong Sen Street

Singapore 059817

tel + 65 82003060

DS Investment Group (DSIG) is an international investment company with activities being focused on distressed assets and property-related management (credit debts and mortgaged real estate). The company ranks among thirty major players of the world investment market with the head office in Singapore. We cooperate with major international banks and share experience related to international jurisprudence and investment practice. The DSIG’s business model is notable for its simplicity and is aimed at upsurge of liquidity of insufficiently capitalized or illiquid markets. Our strong points include fundamental credit analysis, investment discipline and dynamic risk control. By investing in distressed assets and real estate, we look for chances to apply our competences using our competitive edges adjusted for risk.

The company invests in such business lines as factoring, collection, real estate (Argentina, New Zeland, Iceland, Ukraine and Russia).